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How to incorporate moms wedding gown into your big day


While most wedding gowns in the 70s, 80s, and 90s look charming, they usually don’t reflect the taste of a modern woman.

There are some daughters who like to honor their mom by using their mother’s wedding gown for their own big day; however, they will soon discover that the design and style of their mother’s wedding gown might be too out-dated.

Ivy Bridal Studio, one of the best bridal shops in Columbus Ohio has put together a couple of ways to honor your mothers dress during the wedding day without necessarily sacrificing the needs of the bride.

Here are a couple of ways that you can incorporate your mothers dress into your wedding

Design a new dress

Make a new wedding gown that contains an inspiration from the old wedding gown – a new wedding gown could be created, it could include some lace patterns that the old gown had. The veil in the new wedding gown could also make use of the same detail patchwork and fabric that the mother’s gown contained.

Hair Accessory

Create a hairpiece inspired by the mother’s wedding gown. You an use the lace to create a beautiful hair accessory like the one below.


Make a clutch

Create a wedding clutch out of the dress – the old wedding dress could be turned into a gorgeous clutch bag and could be used during the wedding. This clutch bag could be handed down from generation to generation.


Use the mother’s wedding gown as a decorative piece in the wedding – if the bride does not want to alter the wedding gown of the mother, they can choose to include the mother’s wedding gown as part of the wedding decorations instead. They can put it in a place of honour where guests can see it.

wedding dresses

These are just a couple of ways you could incorporate your mothers dress into your wedding… without actually having to wear it.


What you need to know before hiring a wedding photographer


Wedding photography will be one of your largest expenses on your wedding day, especially if you go with a high end wedding photographer. I emailed Ben Hartley, of Style & Story Creative and asked him an annoying amount of questions about how to find and select the best photographer for your wedding, and what to watch out for. Here’s what he had to say

Wedding Photographer

Where’s the best place to find the perfect photographer for your day?

Doing a local search is always my first recommendation, usually google does a pretty good job of ranking the best wedding photographers in your area.  After you do your initial search, I’d head over to theknot.com and use some of their more advanced filters to find more potentials.  I’d also recommend not limiting yourself to your city.  There’s a lot of great photographers who will travel to nearby cities across the state.

Good wedding photography costs money

You really do get what you pay for in this industry.  Good wedding photography costs a lot of money.  A professional full framed DSLR camera will cost at least $3000 and then you have your lenses (300-$1500 a piece), editing software, storage, backups, etc.

What separates a lot of the lower tier photographers from the high end is equipment.  Skill and creativity also plays a major role, but there a lot of the shots that we’re well known for just aren’t possible without the proper lighting and camera equipment.  All of this overhead in addition to our time is what makes the higher end wedding photographers so expensive.

Generally you can expect to pay between $600-$1000 for a craigslist wedding photographer.  After that is the mid tier which ranges from $2000-$3500, and then after that is the high end which will run between $4000-$15,000.

It’s not just about the photography

You are going to want to select your wedding photographer primarily on their work, but this is a person that will be sharing the most special day of your life with you.  So while the quality of the photography is the most important element in hiring a wedding photographer, also take into account how well you get a long with the person or team as they will be a major part of your wedding day.

If you want to see what a truly great wedding photographer looks like head over to Ben’s website and view his work at www.StyleStoryCreative.com


10 Tips To Help You Choose the Right Florist For Your Wedding


Peonies or roses? Lilacs or Lilies of the Valley? Perhaps, tulips or dandelions? There are so many blossoms to choose from when it comes to creating the wedding of your dreams. Florists have always been a fixture on weddings that most couple easily took them for granted. Sometimes, they leave everything to their wedding planner to evade the overwhelming hassles that usually comes with wedding preparations. For a wise bride, however, collaborating with a reliable florist will help deliver the romance you want on your wedding day. Before you delve on elaborate flower arrangements, here are some important tips to jump-start your search provided by Bend Oregon Florist Madison

wedding florist

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Florist

No matter what choice of aromatic or exotic blooms you have, it is important to ask the following questions to a florist. These questions will help determine your budget, the arrangements, persons in-charge, and other quirkiness that will ensure excellent floral arrangements to add drama on your wedding day.

1. How will the flowers be set up? Will you be doing the whole setting-up ordeal or will my wedding planner do it for you? If you will set up, can you possibly do it according to my specifications?

2. Will you be responsible for the clean-up after the wedding?

3. Who will do quality control on the wedding flowers? Do you have a standby crew on-site should a need arise?

4. How many wedding flower arrangements do you typically have? Do you have a limit on the number of weddings to attend to?

5. Do you provide a sample for our agreed floral design? Do you have a plan B should flowers are unavailable?

6. Will you be “on-call” on my wedding day?

7. How do you transport the flowers? Do you have specific delivery time? Are you equipped with climate-controlled vehicles?

8. Does the contract include everything? Do you charge overtime, gratuities, and taxes?

9. How about payment arrangement? Do you accept downpayment with the balance due at least a week before the wedding?

10. Do you have any advise on what flowers would work best for my wedding day?

Qualities to Look For in a Florist

Now that you have these questions in mind, the quest of finding a florist to answer your lifelong dream of a Cinderella-like wedding day comes next. Your choice of wedding florist should not only stop at bringing your imagination into life but must also meet other criteria. When choosing, it is important to think of the following qualities in a florist:

*Creative flair
*Attention to details
*Accommodating personality
*Profound Knowledge on flowers
*Extensive selection of blooms and designs
*Highly recommended with positive feedback from clients

You can browse various wedding blogs on the net or checkout local florists in your area. If you have friends or relatives who are recently hitched then, the more effective it will be to gather information and feedback on a particular wedding florist. Take note that word-of-mouth recommendations still come handy especially on special occasions like weddings.

Things to Bring During Consultation

After deciding on a wedding florist, it is imperative to sit down with him or her to cap pertinent details on your wedding. Bring pictures from magazines or books as inspiration. If there is a movie wedding scene you wish to emulate, mention this clearly with your florist. Bring swatches of your color motif as well as details on your wedding theme, approximate number of guests and tables, and location of the event must come handy. Of course, bring your other half with you when consulting with a florist to ensure that both your choices are reflected on actual results.