What Every Future Bride Needs to Know About Trunk Shows


If you are a future bride, you should expect to become overwhelmed with the details of your wedding. At no other time in your life will you be planning such a lavish party, until, of course, you’re helping plan one for someone else! This is going to be a heady time for you, and you will undoubtedly feel pangs of stress from time to time.

Feeling overwhelmed is natural. You’re going to be thrown a variety of opinions and ideas; all from well-meaning friends and family. If someone tells you about a trunk show, make sure that you perk your ears up and listen. Attending a trunk show can easily save you hundreds on a designer gown!

What Is a Trunk Show?

In essence, a trunk show is an event held at a bridal salon. The salon owner chooses a specific designer and showcases that designer’s collection. For example, my favorite local bridal shop in Columbus Ohio is hosting a trunk show that features designs from Modern Trousseau. Future brides who attend a trunk show try on gowns by that designer before they hit the racks. You are also given access to gowns by that designer from previous seasons.

When Are Trunk Shows Scheduled?

There are no set dates or seasons for trunk shows. The best way to find one is to visit the websites of the bridal salons in your area or those that you plan to visit. For example, if you check out IVY’s blog you’ll see they post about their upcoming trunk shows and the designers you can expect to see there. You can also find trunk show information on designer’s websites. You can expect the shows to be held on weekends and take place over two or three days.

Aren’t Trunk Shows Only for the Wealthy?

Absolutely not! Trunk shows are a fabulous opportunity to get designer gowns before anyone has a chance to see them. Salon owners often offer discounts on gowns from previous seasons that were designed by the person being highlighted.

A trunk show is not a bridal gown sale. You should not expect to get a designer gown straight off the runway at low prices. What you can expect is a chance to try on the gowns you’ve been lusting over in your favorite magazines. Depending on the designer, the gowns offered during the trunks show may or may not be priced lower than they will be when they are available to the public.

Is That the Only Designer Available?

Many brides think that by attending a trunk show, they are forced to look at gowns from the featured designer. This couldn’t be further from the truth! When you attend a trunk show, you are able to choose any gown in the bridal salon to try on. Don’t skip the trunk show because you aren’t a fan of the designer. You never know what might look different draped over your
body than it does on the pages of a magazine.

Who Should Go to the Appointment?

You will need to make an appointment for a trunk show, but don’t go alone. It’s not unusual for brides to find their dream gown at one of these shows. If there is someone in your life who’s opinion is going to make or break your love of a dress, bring them along. You may be kicking yourself later if you pass up a gown only to be forced to purchase it at a higher price once
it is on the rack.

What About the Bridal Party?

Trunk shows are not only held for bridal gown designers. You can easily find trunk shows for bridesmaid gowns, accessories, and evening wear designers. All you need to do is contact the salons in your area and find out if any of these shows are going to be held.

You may also find that some salon owners will offer discounts on gowns and accessories for the bridal party during a designer trunk show for the bride. You can inquire whether this will be the case before the trunk show is held if that will determine whether you make an appointment or not.

As a future bride, the next months of your life are going to be hectic with planning. You will be deciding on food, cakes, decor, venues, and, of course, your gown. If someone invites you to a trunk show or tells you of one being held, don’t pass the opportunity by. While you may not save money, you may just be able to get your hands on that designer gown from the pages of
your favorite bridal magazine!

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