Wedding Pro Tip: The Best $1000 You Can Spend On Your Wedding Day


Weddings are expensive! There are so many elements involved it’s hard to know where to allocate your limited budget. After planning and attending dozens of them myself, I can tell you that one wedding essential that I would recommend it’s renting a photo booth.

Instastyle Photo Booth example photo

Photo booths instantly make your reception a blast. Guests love them and as you can see from this gallery, it adds a wacky element to your party. One of my favorite uses is that all the guests can record messages to the bride and groom. It’s allows the opportunity for guests to send an intimate message to the couple that otherwise wouldn’t happen.


There are several local vendors in the area, personally whenever I’m planning a Columbus wedding I always go with InstaStyle Photo Booth Rentals whenever possible due to their higher quality, but there are more affordable options as well.

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